Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Katahdin Analytical Services, Inc. is committed to providing analytical measurements of known quality, consistent with client needs and requirements. This commitment recognizes the need for data to be representative of the environmental conditions under consideration, and for data to be produced within a system that assures their validity, reliability, and suitability for making decisions that involve public health and safety, property rights, and legal liabilities. To this end, Katahdin has developed an ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) program, governed by a Quality Assurance Manual and implemented by the QA Officer who reports directly to the President. Katahdin is committed to employing proper analytical methods and quality control measures, to acquiring suitable equipment and maintaining it in good condition, to securing and training qualified staff, and to coordinating all aspects of its operations so as assemble the raw data and produce a useful report in a timely manner. Integral to the QA Program, is documentation of all laboratory QA/QC activities.